Music of heaven

Love of Oriental cherry

   The sky, and come down gloomily, it is cold one minute and hot next, let people feel a burst of is terrified. A burst of slight chill in the air, come very briefly, " ticktack   "It play bajiao banana, rain, blow rain. In a twinkling, magnificent flowers are full of the earth. The heart is slightly moist too, it has been blown by that and woken up; Rain those, has soaked, thin compliment writes the household freely and easily.  

    It is being here in this world that I am not knowing which way to go, go to seek that one's own beautiful eternity. But lose and belong to each time, the pain quietly. Sometimes, do not really know OK, how to go on. Have slowly to be cool, the cool heart is wounded   Not desalinizing, just seek and cross frustratedly, the forest of that stretch of oriental cherries, in the mind of that tramp, write the romantic pen and ink freely and easily.  
    Push that open and stop up the core-wall, embrace that quiet and clear oriental cherry forest with that lonely soul, it is deeply that she sings simply to be deep again. A thin smile, go to play that only beautiful melody diligently. Still sing in lots and lots of years, that deep tone quality, have to include and put silently. That merry-go-round nearby, being played and singing by you, the delicate and pretty cheek appears out the smile like the sunshine. The fine and long finger plays ancient musical sound, the helplessness of a human society that seem to sigh again. The tears which fasten the wood flow, for whom to flow?  

    Dawn come, the sound of musical instrument is still repeating the melody not changed, record and produce his picture correctly in the heart slowly, then the playback gently, so cordial and he. He has said to me, he likes the oriental cherry very much, especially when at dawn, the oriental cherry descends slowly and lightly, very beautiful, very beautiful   But I to pretend angry answer he, descend slowly and lightly so many, sweep while being difficult very. But he ignores, has been appreciating all the time, I accompany him to appreciate, appreciate the oriental cherry that he likes.  
    Time goes at full speed, the memory at that time, stay in the a certain twinkling of an eye in time, can only seek in ten thousand years. How not knowing in that stretch of oriental cherry forest that belongs to us? Unless walk by forest I, hesitate some,whose name is in because it or original scene? I ponder, illusion   That oriental cherry one was spread and fallen in the heart, has grown up gradually, the oriental cherry tree grows in the heart, then appreciate slowly, but can only indulge in self-admiration by oneself! But what meanings does this have?  

    Pluck up one's courage, see the scene at the moment, I am a bit getting seized with terror. It floats, flutters alone   Just a bit too a lot of to fall with deep and remote and clear, and some strange senses, in addition, he is out even while being empty. Sit under the oriental cherry, cherish the memory of the time in the past, moist eye socket, wandered up and down lonelily at one's side, has gone to sleep slowly, how much know the oriental cherry in the dream.  .  .  

    One day and one day, one year and one year, go round and begin again, the samsara of the life. What kind of pain should be gone to bear? The oriental cherry of the dawn, open quietly for you, that scene of flourishing scenes of fluttering for you. But you to think these scene prepared for you, flowers have not fallen to the limit, the song has not ended, people have already broken up.  

    Such perhaps, you perhaps until pieces of world watch all attentively another, appreciate oriental cherry to be romantic with me, playing a piece of " love of oriental cherry " . I pray, wish the oriental cherry forest float for you every day, flutter petal quietly, then repeat our dialogue quietly. Hang the silk ribbon on that oriental cherry tree, hope you can be in another world, appreciate constantly that belongs to our oriental cherry tree.  
    Under the oriental cherry tree, we talk knowingly.  .  .  
--Postscript - -
    The oriental cherry dances exquisitely, have a sentimental attachment for and accompany; The inverted image of left hand, the time of right hand; The ice of style of painting and handwriting is left, write the ends of the earth freely and easily; Destroy efficaciously, the mood is broken, just attack the oriental cherry dream. The wing waves the margin, but on both sides; Twine heroic spirit and incessantly chatter, draw support from the oriental cherry, it is fragrant to shed down for a moment for you.  
    The heart is wounded, in the cool oriental cherry.  .  . 

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