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Moonlight goddess - Sarah Brightman

 Sarah Brightman Sarah cloth Lehmann must bathe in the spirit who was born on the deep and remote and blue sea surface by the blessing of all world spirit, talent and concurrently collecting one suit like the beauty like the goddess whom omnipotent God dreamt of any woman unexpectedly and rare talent, in the silvery moonlight, white clothing wins snow, long hair like the silk, singing like her sounds of nature in the wind is sparkling and crystal-clear like water at night, the ghost at night stops and listens because of it, the group of star in the sky is dim because of it - -Moonlight goddess, a bright name.
    She is destined to be shown appreciation for by destiny, leads every pair of perplexed ears to row the limpid lakeside of moonlight across and enter into the other shore the sound like the paradise. Performed " the opera evil spirit's shadow " on the stage of Broadway for the first time in 1988, established its world-class famous musician's status. It is made and issued that " Dive sneaked " for the first solo disc in 1993. It is made and issued that " Fly hovered " for the second solo disc in 1996. The third solo disc " Timeless eternity " was made and issued in 1997, got two extensive praise inbounds from classical music and pop. It is made and issued that " Eden returned to the Garden of Eden " for the fourth solo disc in 1998. Having got the approval of the most harsh music reviewer in the world, this special edition is obtained again too worldwide well received and obtaining countless awardsly. The fifth solo disc " La Luna moonlight goddess " was issued in the whole world in 2000, can be rated as the making of Sarah cloth Lehmann's summit. A great deal of adaptation classics' works (such as Beethoven, Paul and Simon, " A Whiter Shade of Pale pale simple shadow ", " La Luna-Moon River the moon river ",etc.)  ,Sound who will let people never pass in addicted to that times passinging. To humane telling the expression of sueing for peace, print and remember goddess' most pure holy and pure glory of moonlight.
    Classical and is prevailing, the moonlight goddess has succeeded in passing through era. If does not want to comment the at the beginning of most outstanding music special edition so far in the 21st century, " La Luna moonlight goddess " will appear on the list. Enough, that and then went on, the characters will make it covered with upper reaches vulgarly, the only thing that can be done now, have only heard and awarded.

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