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Love of Oriental cherry

   The sky, and come down gloomily, it is cold one minute and hot next, let people feel a burst of is terrified. A burst of slight chill in the air, come very briefly, " ticktack   "It play bajiao banana, rain, blow rain. In a twinkling, magnificent flowers are full of the earth. The heart is slightly moist too, it has been blown by that and woken up; Rain those, has soaked, thin compliment writes the household freely and easily.  

    It is being here in this world that I am not knowing which way to go, go to seek that one's own beautiful eternity. But lose and belong to each time, the pain quietly. Sometimes, do not really know OK, how to go on. Have slowly to be cool, the cool heart is wounded   Not desalinizing, just seek and cross frustratedly, the forest of that stretch of oriental cherries, in the mind of that tramp, write the romantic pen and ink freely and easily.  
    Push that open and stop up the core-wall, embrace that quiet and clear oriental cherry forest with that lonely soul, it is deeply that she sings simply to be deep again. A thin smile, go to play that only beautiful melody diligently. Still sing in lots and lots of years, that deep tone quality, have to include and put silently. That merry-go-round nearby, being played and singing by you, the delicate and pretty cheek appears out the smile like the sunshine. The fine and long finger plays ancient musical sound, the helplessness of a human society that seem to sigh again. The tears which fasten the wood flow, for whom to flow?  

    Dawn come, the sound of musical instrument is still repeating the melody not changed, record and produce his picture correctly in the heart slowly, then the playback gently, so cordial and he. He has said to me, he likes the oriental cherry very much, especially when at dawn, the oriental cherry descends slowly and lightly, very beautiful, very beautiful   But I to pretend angry answer he, descend slowly and lightly so many, sweep while being difficult very. But he ignores, has been appreciating all the time, I accompany him to appreciate, appreciate the oriental cherry that he likes.  
    Time goes at full speed, the memory at that time, stay in the a certain twinkling of an eye in time, can only seek in ten thousand years. How not knowing in that stretch of oriental cherry forest that belongs to us? Unless walk by forest I, hesitate some,whose name is in because it or original scene? I ponder, illusion   That oriental cherry one was spread and fallen in the heart, has grown up gradually, the oriental cherry tree grows in the heart, then appreciate slowly, but can only indulge in self-admiration by oneself! But what meanings does this have?  

    Pluck up one's courage, see the scene at the moment, I am a bit getting seized with terror. It floats, flutters alone   Just a bit too a lot of to fall with deep and remote and clear, and some strange senses, in addition, he is out even while being empty. Sit under the oriental cherry, cherish the memory of the time in the past, moist eye socket, wandered up and down lonelily at one's side, has gone to sleep slowly, how much know the oriental cherry in the dream.  .  .  

    One day and one day, one year and one year, go round and begin again, the samsara of the life. What kind of pain should be gone to bear? The oriental cherry of the dawn, open quietly for you, that scene of flourishing scenes of fluttering for you. But you to think these scene prepared for you, flowers have not fallen to the limit, the song has not ended, people have already broken up.  

    Such perhaps, you perhaps until pieces of world watch all attentively another, appreciate oriental cherry to be romantic with me, playing a piece of " love of oriental cherry " . I pray, wish the oriental cherry forest float for you every day, flutter petal quietly, then repeat our dialogue quietly. Hang the silk ribbon on that oriental cherry tree, hope you can be in another world, appreciate constantly that belongs to our oriental cherry tree.  
    Under the oriental cherry tree, we talk knowingly.  .  .  
--Postscript - -
    The oriental cherry dances exquisitely, have a sentimental attachment for and accompany; The inverted image of left hand, the time of right hand; The ice of style of painting and handwriting is left, write the ends of the earth freely and easily; Destroy efficaciously, the mood is broken, just attack the oriental cherry dream. The wing waves the margin, but on both sides; Twine heroic spirit and incessantly chatter, draw support from the oriental cherry, it is fragrant to shed down for a moment for you.  
    The heart is wounded, in the cool oriental cherry.  .  . 

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Moonlight in city

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Moonlight goddess - Sarah Brightman

 Sarah Brightman Sarah cloth Lehmann must bathe in the spirit who was born on the deep and remote and blue sea surface by the blessing of all world spirit, talent and concurrently collecting one suit like the beauty like the goddess whom omnipotent God dreamt of any woman unexpectedly and rare talent, in the silvery moonlight, white clothing wins snow, long hair like the silk, singing like her sounds of nature in the wind is sparkling and crystal-clear like water at night, the ghost at night stops and listens because of it, the group of star in the sky is dim because of it - -Moonlight goddess, a bright name.
    She is destined to be shown appreciation for by destiny, leads every pair of perplexed ears to row the limpid lakeside of moonlight across and enter into the other shore the sound like the paradise. Performed " the opera evil spirit's shadow " on the stage of Broadway for the first time in 1988, established its world-class famous musician's status. It is made and issued that " Dive sneaked " for the first solo disc in 1993. It is made and issued that " Fly hovered " for the second solo disc in 1996. The third solo disc " Timeless eternity " was made and issued in 1997, got two extensive praise inbounds from classical music and pop. It is made and issued that " Eden returned to the Garden of Eden " for the fourth solo disc in 1998. Having got the approval of the most harsh music reviewer in the world, this special edition is obtained again too worldwide well received and obtaining countless awardsly. The fifth solo disc " La Luna moonlight goddess " was issued in the whole world in 2000, can be rated as the making of Sarah cloth Lehmann's summit. A great deal of adaptation classics' works (such as Beethoven, Paul and Simon, " A Whiter Shade of Pale pale simple shadow ", " La Luna-Moon River the moon river ",etc.)  ,Sound who will let people never pass in addicted to that times passinging. To humane telling the expression of sueing for peace, print and remember goddess' most pure holy and pure glory of moonlight.
    Classical and is prevailing, the moonlight goddess has succeeded in passing through era. If does not want to comment the at the beginning of most outstanding music special edition so far in the 21st century, " La Luna moonlight goddess " will appear on the list. Enough, that and then went on, the characters will make it covered with upper reaches vulgarly, the only thing that can be done now, have only heard and awarded.

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Wooden fish

    但,我是擁有一個木魚的。是初中時,同桌隨父母去普陀旅遊帶回來的,與我一人一個。原色的木頭雕刻,紋理清晰,塗了薄薄的清漆,工藝並不 精細。但,有厚實的木頭味道,還有一層淡淡的清漆辛辣氣,拿在手裡有著嶄新的清淨。一如彼時花顏剛展的年月。於是,初見,便有了歡喜的樣子。
    中午,教室裡常常有些空曠。把木魚放在桌上,臉貼在桌面上,然後輕輕地一下一下。能聽到操場上風吹過,沙沙的響。也許是樹葉翻轉的聲音, 也許是紙削隨風飄遙,也許是速忽而至的細雨。也許是誰在廊下喁喁碎語,悄悄帶笑。也許只是耳朵與桌面磨擦的聲音。可是這有什麼重要呢?只要,能在木魚的斷 續裡,讓那些習題遠在九霄雲外,那就一直一直這樣地老天荒吧。
    夏夜裡,悶熱不安。彼時無空調,唯有一台老舊的電扇“嚓嚓”搧著越來越燙的風。於是常常在枕邊放著木魚,合著眼一下一下的敲。 “篤,篤,……。”慢慢。漸漸。恍若走進紅牆重門的寺院,肅靜清妙,眾僧佛音如風洩滿竹木荒草間,可以隔著青煙把塵世裡的煩糲淡到無痕。夜終於涼了。
    後來去遠地。臨出門了,握著木魚在箱邊只管往復徘徊,放進去,拿出來。拿出來,放進去。心煩意亂。最後還是定定心放在了家裡。因怕它,會 在旅途裡遺失掉。在異地,初時不慣水土,夜不成眠。於是常懊悔把木魚遺在家中,只怕早已被小侄女玩丟了。也有想再買一個的念頭,一時又不見街上有賣,漸漸 卻也習慣了新地方,於是也慢慢忘了木魚。
    不想幾年後歸家,卻發現它依然完好無損的在老地方,也不見灰塵,恍然日日手裡摸著。看我驚喜的樣子。母親說,不止這木魚,其實這房裡每一 樣的東西都留著原來的樣子,你不在的幾年,我進來看看,就像你沒有離開家。言語平淡,入耳來卻不禁哽咽。抬眼看母親,也白髮漸增了。
    多年後,初為人妻。當年的同桌來家裡,看到案頭的木魚時,恍若前塵的嘆,你原來這般會珍藏東西!她說,她早已忘了是什麼時丟掉了那個木 魚,若不看到我的這個,她也許一輩子都想不起曾有過木魚這回事。於是笑,那,這木魚豈不是你我時光的見證,從笑容甜美到眉眼淡定。容顏暗換。白髮蒼茫。言 罷彼此一剎無語。片刻的寂靜裡似乎聽到了某種遠方的聲音。純淨。芬芳。
    其實細聽,這種簡單而容易靜心的聲音無處不在。夜色裡階雨久滴,深巷裡鞋跟踏石,黃昏畈上稻桶打穀,春夜樹鳥斷鳴……。靜靜地聽,輕輕的 呼吸。這樣平凡的聲音,輾轉塵世,渾入春秋。此刻,因了泊心相聽,它也會為了你蓄滿柔軟,清音消滯,玲瓏剔透。也許,就是一段片刻裡的傳奇。

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Bandari, happy to listen to


        無 意中的傾聽,成全了必然中的心怡。班得瑞,這個引領21世紀純音樂進入超凡脫俗、空靈飄逸絕美境界的樂團和音樂,在我走過青春期最瑰麗也最惘惑的歲月,悠 然照亮和陪伴了我往後平淡而充實的人生;在一個中年人堅韌而柔弱的心靈長廊上,蜿蜒著無盡的深思與溫情。

        記憶中第一 次打開“寂靜山林”,那陣穿過流光晨露,掠過青鳥鳴翠的梵音飄然而至,那樂曲中的點點,滴滴,絲絲或縷縷的聲響一經連綿,竟是如此清秀雋美,如此旖旎傳 情。在那一瞬間,我的心悅如雲雀在天際徜徉,靜若處子在雲端瞭望。彷彿漫步在鳥鳴的山澗裡,飛瀑的水花嘩嘩地濺起,四周流動青草與樹葉的氣息,還有野花淡 淡的香味,一隻彩蝶翩翩,燦爛了童年那張無瑕的笑臉;又似乎徘徊在空朦的曠野,艷陽剛過,微雨欲來,亂紅叢中折下光華的背影,漣漪了追尋的眼睛;更猶如佇 立在氤氳的湖邊,看斜陽依樹,聽歸鴻鳴囀,直到天邊的雲霞染紅了青衫,轉身向下一個夢的天堂......

        一種久未有 過的驚嘆和著一種似曾相識的激情令我悲傷地感動,教我幸福地失語。是身後的歲月太寂寞太匆忙?是眼前的天空太迷離太浮躁?還是未來的理想太抽象太蒼茫?以 至於我們那麼嚮往自然,需要共鳴,渴望寧靜。太多的迷障我們無法斷言,太多的奧妙我們卻豁然知曉。

        在無數次聆聽神往 與交會中,我不再是那條盲遊的魚。游過神秘園的憂傷,游過秋日私語的溫柔,游過夜鶯的悲愴,穿過流行音樂閃爍迷離的呼嘯與沈吟,我聽見一個聲音說:來吧, 凝聚你的視覺,觸覺與聽覺,舒展你的靈魂之翼,棲息在班得瑞獨有的大自然的心靈營養裡......

      在山之一隅,在水之一 方,在日日夜夜的空隙裡,我總是盡量騰空世俗的心緒,豎著質感的神經,讓班得瑞的梵音濾浄最後的塵埃,讓大自然的濃情化解最初的陰霾。依舊是會流淚的魚, 卻是一條會笑著流淚的魚。在聆聽之中,我時常會想,傳說中會飛的魚,是不是因為有了智慧和寬容而長出了滑翔的翅膀?這美麗的翅膀定也如班得瑞音樂般的赤純 和輕盈吧。如果是這樣,我願意傾盡此生的聆聽去換一雙隱形的翅膀,將它插在靈魂之上,日日頂著風雨兼程挽起彩虹流浪,夜夜披著星光思索伴著月亮歌唱。

        生 活就是這樣神奇,當你走在路上,你無法揣測前面是誰在迎候你;更無法想像,在未來的時光又將會有什麼抵近你最真切的內心,就彷如與班得瑞音樂的邂逅和知 遇。俗而又俗的偶然對面,偶爾相逢,偶然碰撞,陌生的國度裡就開始蘊育他日的熟悉和親密,濺起一段緣起緣落的人間際會,拖曳一路心靈光電交錯的時空物語。

        在人生的莽旅上,我們行行複停停,經年的風塵難免給我們蒙上了或深或淺的滄桑。冥冥的宿命,早已諳知了一個人的行走步履 和厭憎痴迷。當我們愛得痛了,累得倦了,亦或是幸福得淡漠了,困惑得迷茫了,心也就靜如止水了。但是,在某一天,某一刻,總有一些意外的東西會以剎那的光 輝,將那些沉睡的顫栗與美好深刻地喚醒。


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Piper's words

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